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The RASC, Toronto Centre has quite a few places that it can call home:

  • Ontario Science Centre is where we host our monthly Saturday morning solar observing sessions for the general public on the TELUSCAPE.
  • Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory, is home to the largest optical telescope on Canadian soil. 
  • E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory is our observatory under the dark skies near the Blue Mountains, Ontario. It serves our members looking for a place to set up a scope under dark skies in a comfortable environment.
  • Bayview Village Park is where we hold our monthly city sky parties. Drop by and see craters and mountains on the moon, details on a planet and many other interesting objects!
  • Millennium Square, Pickering is where we hold a monthly star party where members of the general public are invited to view the sun, moon,planets and various other celestial object under slightly darker skies.