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The Journal: this is a bi-monthly magazine published by the RASC. If you are a RASC member, your membership includes on-line access to the latest issues of the Journal. For an optional fee, you can also receive a full-colour edition of the Journal by mail. You can find more information on this page of the RASC national website.

SCOPE is the Toronto Centre’s bi-monthly newsletter. It contains information about upcoming events and reports on past club events as well as club announcements. SCOPE is sent to all members by email. We also keep an archive of SCOPE issues online (login as a member first).

The Observer’s Handbook is an annual publication, sent to all members in October or November. It describes astronomical events for the upcoming year and is also a great reference with astronomical data, explanation of astronomical phenomena and observing tips. You can find more information on the Observer's Handbook page on the RASC national website.