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Bring astronomy to your group

If you are looking to bring your group to the David Dunlap Observatory, please check out DDO Programs.

Let us bring astronomy to your school, Scouts, Guides, community centre or other organization. We can offer an indoor presentation suitable for your group, such as focusing on the astronomy merit badge requirements for Scouts or Guides, grade 6 or 9 Earth and Space Science curriculum, or audience-specific talks for seniors or other groups. We can supplement the presentation with an outdoor solar-viewing or stargazing session, weather permitting. If you would like to request a visit, please complete and submit the application below.

Primary Contact
Meeting details
If Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, or school, please provide the number of boys and girls who will be attending, not including leaders, teachers, or other adults.
Meeting location address
Our fee is $5 per participant; however, we will not charge more than $200, regardless of the number (so you may want to combine classes or Scout/Guide units for our visit.) Our fees are used to support our outreach efforts including printing and the maintenance of presentation equipment.