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Joining the RASC, Toronto Centre gives you new ways to explore the universe:

  • Enjoy the sky with likeminded people and learn from other astronomers how to find objects in the night sky, use telescopes and take astrophotos.
  • Stay current with astronomy news and events through our publication The Journal.
  • Connect with professional astronomers and the largest group of amateur astronomers in the GTA through members-only meetings and our forum.
  • Borrow telescopes, small ones, large ones and even a solar telescope with no additional fees.
  • Borrow astronomy-related books and DVDs from our library.
  • Enjoy our members-only stargazing and workshop events at the DDO and CAO observatories.
  • Use a turn-key imaging system with your DSLR in the Sue-Lora Observatory at the CAO.

By being a member, you also support the RASC, Toronto Centre in bringing space closer to 10,000s of people across the Greater Toronto Area through public astronomy programs.

Picking the right membership type

We have four types of memberships: Regular, Youth, Family and Affiliate:

  • Most of our members are Regular members. They enjoy all membership benefits. Regular annual membership fees are $111.00 (CAD, Canada). More information about joining as a Regular member.
  • Youth members enjoy the same benefits as Regular members but at a discounted rate. To be eligible, you should be 21 years or younger, or a full-time student under the age of 25 when joining or renewing. Annual youth membership fees are $61.10 (CAD, Canada). More information about joining as a Youth member.
  • Regular members can make their immediate family (spouse or significant other and children living at the same address) Family members at a discount rate. Family members enjoy many of the same benefits as regular members but not all. For example, they may join us for members-only meetings but cannot become CAO pass holders, and do not receive The Journal. Family members cannot borrow telescopes; however the primary regular member in the household can, of course. Annual family membership fees are $14.90 for adults or $13.20 for youth (CAD, Canada). More information about joining as a Family member.
  • Affiliate members are first of all members of another RASC Centre other than the Toronto Centre. Members of other Centres can indicate the extra affiliation to the Toronto Centre while joining or renewing, or by contacting our National Office. Affiliate membership fees are $33.00 (CAD, Canada) annually.

Interested in joining? There are a few ways to do so.