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Donations to the RASC, Toronto Centre

Help the RASC, Toronto Centre bring the universe to thousands of people every year. We organize around over a hundred events annually, including speaking engagements, star parties, workshops, school projects and courses, to name a few. We are lucky to have such a rich, diverse body of dedicated volunteers. Unfortunately, not everything is free and we rely on membership fees, donations and sponsorships. With help, we can afford things like:

  • Bringing engaging and prominent speakers to Toronto and the GTA
  • Maintaining our stock of telescopes for public outreach
  • Creating hand-out star maps and other outreach materials

If you would like to donate, we accept and are happy with donations of any size. You can donate with a specific purpose such as our programs at the David Dunlap Observatory or contribute towards our overall operations. Donations are tax deductible ($20.00 minimum) as the RASC, Toronto Centre is a registered charity (registration number 889410577). You can donate online through PayPal:

Donate to Support the CAO

Directed donations to support the operation and maintenance of the Carr Astronomical Observatory are also gratefully accepted. Please feel free to contribute to the vitality of our facility and help to support our public programming by using the donation option on your right. Tax receipts will be issued for donations over $20.00. Thank you!

Looking to pay for your annual pass, overnight stay or CAO Member Services (MODLs or Lockers)? Please visit this page.

Other Forms of Donations and Gifts

For other ways of donating money or donations in kind, please contact us or speak to any member of our Council at our public events.

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