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When the Toronto Centre was separately incorporated in 1974, we made our goals:

  • To stimulate interest and to promote and increase knowledge in astronomy and related sciences;
  • To acquire and maintain equipment, libraries and other property necessary for the pursuit of the aims of the Corporation;
  • To publish journals, books and other material containing information on the progress of astronomy and the work of the Corporation;
  • To render assistance to individuals and institutions engaged in the study and advancement of astronomy;
  • To purchase, acquire or take by gift, devise, bequest or donation for the objects of the Corporation and the furtherance of its objects, but for no other objects, and for such objects to sell, mortgage, lease or otherwise dispose of any real or personal property;
  • To invest the moneys of the Corporation not immediately required for the objects of the Corporation in any securities in which, under the Trustee Act or any other Act, trustees may invest trust funds

Those goals still hold true. We love to explore and share the wonders of the universe with others. We learn and provide ways for other people to learn. Everyone is welcome and our members range any where from casual stargazers to people who have made astronomy their professions. We work together with other astronomy and science focused organizations bringing a comprehensive program of astronomical events to the GTA. We are a volunteer organization.