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Volunteering with RASC Toronto Centre (TC) provides our members with exciting and meaningful experiences, as they team up with other members to advance astronomy in real world!

If you already know you're interested in volunteering with our education and public outreach (EPO) team, please fill out this very quick form. Our EPO Chair, Aly Kamadia, will respond to you within 72 business hours. Kindly email him directly if you haven't heard back:

If you're interested in learning about some of RASC-TC volunteering opportunities that are right around the corner, keep reading. 


SOLAR OBSERVING SATURDAY'S (held on first weather-permitting Saturday of the month)

On the first weather-permitting Saturday of every month, RASC volunteers gather at the Ontario Science Centre with solar appropriate telescopes to view the sun. 

RASC welcomes members to assist in volunteering, or even lead a given month should they be interested!

If only participating, make sure to check the website for go/no-go calls. 

Members potentially interested in volunteering can show up, but if possible, are encouraged to drop a line to:


RASC is a completely volunteer-run organization. To get a general idea of volunteering at RASC, click here to see more!