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14 May

Speaker's Night: An Astrophysical Mystery: Galaxy Quenching at High Redshifts [OnlIne]

Join us as Ms Maheen Hemani, York University Undergraduate, explores red-shifts of Galaxies!
2 May

[AstroTours] And then there was (more) light: The violent births of stars

Check out the May AstroTour! May AstroTours features Shivan Khullar's talk on how stars form, followed by exciting astronomy demos and telescope tours!
6 May

UofT Lecture: A Human Expedition to Mars [In-Person and Online]

Human exploration of the red planet has been seriously discussed since the 1940s, but no mission concept has gone beyond the planning stage. Why? Join Maria Zuber — the first woman to lead a science department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the first to lead a NASA planetary mission — as she explores the possibility of a human expedition to Mars.
17 April

Speaker's Night: Fast Radio Bursts: What are they and where do they come from? [Online Only]

Join us as Prof. Paul Scholz fromYork University explores Fast Radio Bursts!
5 April

DDO Astronomy Speaker's Night - Eclipse Special

Join us at the DDO as we cover the upcoming April 8 total Solar eclipse!
21 March

[AstroTours] Don’t get caught in the dark! Everything you need to engage with the April 8 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Check out the March AstroTour! March AstroTour features Charles J. Woodford on the upcoming solar eclipse followed by exciting astronomy demos and telescope tours!
20 March

Speaker's Night: Galactic Powerhouses: Exploring Quasars and Their Spectacular Spectra [Online Only]

Join us as Marianna Veltri explores Quasars and their spectacular spectra!
16 February

Astronomy Speaker's Night - JWST and the Search for Life in Unexpected Places

Join us at the DDO as June Parsons explore the possible types of planets we might consider when searching for life in the Solar neighbourhood.
21 February

Speaker's Night: The Evolutionary Map of the Universe

Join us as Prof. Andrew Hopkins presents the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU), an ongoing project to map the southern hemisphere with the ASKAP radio telescope.
17 January

Speaker's Night: A telescope story, bringing the Allan I Carswell Observatory into 2024

Join us as Dr. Elaina Hyde presents the Allan I Carswell Observatory, Toronto's own 1m robotic, renovated, facility.