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25 November

Astronomy Speaker's Night - Impact Structures in Ontario

Join us at the DDO as Dr. Mary-Helen Armour speaks about various impact structures in Ontario.
22 November

The Giant Planets at the Richmond Hill Public Library

Join us to learn about the surprising features of the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn, and ice giants, Uranus and Neptune.
16 November

Speaker's Night: Galactic Evolution: Unveiling the Structure of Galaxies

Join us as Rajveer Seehra, an Astrophysics student at University of Manitoba, delves into the world of galaxy formation and evolution, focusing sharply on the structures that define these grand celestial objects.
28 October

To the Moon! With CSA Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

Learn all about NASA’s Artemis II mission from Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut Jeremy Hansen at the Ontario Science Centre!
27 October

Astronomy Speaker's Night - The Universe Seen in the Eyes of a Fast Radio Burst

Visit a unique historical site in Richmond Hill and experience an engaging presentation led by experts and researchers in astronomy, covering a variety of exciting astronomy topics. After the presentation, participants will tour the observatory and see a demonstration of the 74” telescope pointed to an interesting celestial object for the visitors to view (weather-dependent). Please wear / bring appropriate supplies for being outside. A registered adult must accompany all registered participants under the age of 16.
26 July

Age of the Universe

This summer, the University of Toronto and the Dunlap Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics are holding a workshop for grade 11 and 12 students in the GTA which aims to provide a hands-on introduction to coding, lectures on cutting-edge astrophysics, and answers to your questions about university.
5 May

[AstroTours] Mapping our universe in millimeter: what have we learned?

Join us at the May AstroTour! Our May AstroTours features Yilun Guan's talk on mapping the universe, followed by exciting astronomy demos and telescope tours!
10 May

AstroEdu 2023: The Astronomy Education Conference

AstroEdu 2023 will bring together researchers, teachers, and students from across the world to discuss the latest developments in astronomy education at all levels.
17 May

Speaker's Night: "Water, Water Everywhere? A History of the Hunt for Lunar Water from Harold Urey to Artemis and Beyond"

Learn about the search for lunar water, highlighting key missions and technologies, as well as what the future may hold as we move into the Artemis era.
18 April

Misconceptions about the Universe: From Everyday Life to the Big Bang

A gentle introduction to astronomy through the numerous misconceptions about all aspects of it.