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5 April

The Sky This Month - April 2023

Arnold Brody takes his turn at showing us the celestial highlights for the month of April and doesn't miss a chance to remind us about the Millennium Square Public Stargazing Event on April 28 that he is organizing. Arnold is a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada - Toronto Centre and gave his presentation to the Recreational Astronomy Night Hybrid meeting held April 5, 2023 at the Ontario Science Centre.
9 December

Solar Observing at Ontario Science Centre - December 2023 (NO-GO for December 2)

Enjoy safe views of the Sun every first Saturday of the month at the Ontario Science Centre!
26 November

DDO: Sunday Sungazing - November 2023

Safely observe the sun with us! During these family-friendly sessions, a DDO Astronomer will answer your questions about our closest star: the sun!
25 November

DDO Planetarium Day - November 2023

Enter a Digital Portable Planetarium and take a journey through the universe led by a DDO astronomer!
25 November

Astronomy Speaker's Night - Impact Structures in Ontario

Join us at the DDO as Dr. Mary-Helen Armour speaks about various impact structures in Ontario.
18 November

Astronomy Family Night - November 2023

Join us for the wonders of astronomy through a presentation on a variety of exciting astronomy topics, followed by an age-appropriate celestial activities and a demonstration of the 74” telescope.
11 November

Solar Observing at Ontario Science Centre - November 2023 (GO for November 11)

Enjoy safe views of the Sun every first Saturday of the month at the Ontario Science Centre!
17 November

DDO: Sun Fun! November 2023

Join the David Dunlap Observatory Astronomers for an interactive session where participants will see live and pre-recorded telescope views of the solar surface, learn about our nearest star, and practice safe solar observing by making their own pinhole projector.
5 November

Gigantic Jupiter - The Gas Giant at Opposition at the DDO

Join us at the Richmond Hill David Dunlap Observatory as, Jupiter, will make its closest approach to Earth in 59 years - an astronomical arrangement known as opposition.
22 November

The Giant Planets at the Richmond Hill Public Library

Join us to learn about the surprising features of the gas giants, Jupiter and Saturn, and ice giants, Uranus and Neptune.