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Robotic Telescope Project

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is operating a robotic telescope from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Optical Coatings & Oilings for Astronomical Instruments

The optical surfaces of all modern quality astronomical instruments are either coated and/or oiled-spaced with extremely thin layers of metallic/dielectric or liquid materials to improve optical performance.

The Sky This Month May 05 - June 01, 2021

Andy Beaton, a popular presenter for the Sky This Month, finally got back into the saddle for the May 2021 online version.

The period of 18 to 24 April 2021 is National Volunteer Week. RASC Toronto Centre is supported by a great number of generous and helpful volunteers.

The Sky This Month, April 7 - May 5, 2021
Blake Nancarrow steps up to give us the Sky This Month for April 2021.
The Astro-Video Learning Curve

As you get older and your eyesight is diminishing or light pollution is encroaching on your neighbourhood and you are not getting as much out of astronomy anymore, is there an alternative? Yes, there is!

Microbial Mats on Earth and perhaps Mars?

Ron Macnaughton presents a fascinating perspective on the work of Nora Noffke and the significance of Microbial Mats in the exploration of the possibility of life on Mars.

western sky late April showing fleeting Mercury

Mercury is at its best for 2021 in late April, early May. Jupiter and Saturn are in the pre-dawn morning sky. For Apr-May 2021, we'll follow the meridian from south to north for an excellent sampler of deep sky objects.

Lightscaping Under the Night Sky

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn introduces us to her enduring passion of taking beautiful images of the night sky around the world. She tells us what led to her involvement, where it has taken her, and how she learnt her skills.

Tycho Brahe
Jerry Vila gives an engaging brief overview of Tycho Brahe's life and work. Brahe is a 16th century Danish Astronomer known for his accurate and comprehensive astronomical observations.