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Members and their families enjoyed a beautiful day and evening at the Carr Observatory during the 2016 Star-B-Q.

Venus and Saturn put on a great show at dusk near the end of the month. The Moon joins the fun in early November and on the 4th forms a long line with Mars. Mercury is visible for a few more mornings.

The Sky This Month for the period of August 17 to September 14, 2016 was presented by Chris Vaughan at the RAN Meeting on August 17. Here is a PDF document containing all the information presented, and more.

A 10-week course for space exploration fans who want to learn maker skills and technologies. No experience required – get up to speed with maker tech with this fun and exciting theme!

Certificate Program: Teaching Astronomy Through Fun Hands-on Activities Inspired by the Latest Discoveries

Want to know what's up in astronomy this week? Check out Chris Vaughan's Astronomy Skylights.

It is a busy time! The big next event is the Transit of Mercury. But Mars is in the picture, nearing opposition. There are many wonderful deep sky objects (mostly in Virgo) to see this time of year.

At the Members Night held at the DDO on April 23, 2016, Chris Vaughan presented some suggested targets for May observing. Download the object description/notes document in PDF and the Sky Safari observing List. Clear skies!

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Toronto Centre, invites new members and their family who are also members to join an orientation get together – First Light.

Asteroid (433) Eros as imaged by the robotic spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker in 2001.

Sometimes objects like the moon, planets or asteroids move in front of a star. An observer in the right location can see the star disappear or dim for a few seconds then brighten again.