The latest astronomical and RASC Toronto Centre news.
How to use solar eclipse glasses safely

Essential information for the upcoming eclipse. Dr. Ralph Chou shows how to use solar eclipse viewers or glasses safely.

Light Pollution Update 2017

Peter Hiscocks, Chair of the Toronto Centre's Light Pollution Committee, presented an update on the projects we are working on to reduce Light Pollution in Ontario.

Solar Cycle 24 Update
RASC Toronto Centre member Frank Dempsey updated where we are in Solar Cycle 24 and our probable destination to a solar minimum.
Still Hooked: Chasing Solar Eclipses

David Makepeace introduced his recent film, "Still Hooked," on his experiences chasing solar eclipses.

The Sky This Month June 21 to July 19, 2017
Video and handout of The Sky This Month, from the June 21, 2017 Recreational Astronomy Night meeting.
Astronomical Adventures with the Naked Camera
RASC Toronto Centre member Patrick McDonald explains how anyone can take amazing astronomical photographs with a simple DSLR camera and a few extra pieces of equipment.
Creation and Evolution of an Observatory - Pic du Midi
RASC Toronto Centre member Charline Norgrove discusses the enormous challenges astronomers faced in building an observatory on the top of the Pic du Midi mountain, in France, and how it evolved from 1851 onward to the present day.
Fire in the Sky - Reporting Fireballs
RASC Toronto Centre member Bryon Czarnik discusses why and how to report a fireball in the sky.
Is Martian weather any different than winter in Canada?
Video of the Speaker's Night from May 10, 2017 featuring Casey Moore
Dan Hudson - Moon, 2013
May 5-25, 2017
ANGELL GALLERY is very excited to present DAN HUDSON: MEASURES OF TIME, recent videos and lenticular photographs by this important Alberta-based artist.