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We Are All Made of Stardust with Dr. Parshati Patel
Believe it or not, most of the elements in our body are made of stardust. Iron in our blood, calcium in our teeth, oxygen in our body…all of that and more came from stars!
Canadian Women in Astronomy

A brief history of some of the important women actively involved in the advancement of amateur and professional astronomy and astrophysics in Canada over the last century.

The attached PDF contains the notes for Chris Vaughan's The Sky This Month presentation at the Virtual RAN meeting on April 29, 2020.

The Sky This Month for May 2020

Chris Vaughan takes us through a quick detailed tour of what to look for in the night sky for the month of May 2020 while we practice social distancing.

Johannes Kepler

Jerry Vila, a Toronto Centre member, presents a brief history of the life and works of Johannes Kepler, an astronomer, mathematician, and astrologer who lived from 1571-1630.

30 Years of the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided amazing images of the universe from its location in Earth orbit for three decades.

A Picture in 1000 Words

Ever wonder what’s going on in those beautiful pictures you see on the news from space?

Message from Dr. B. Ralph Chou, President of the Toronto Centre (updated June 4, 2020)
Is There Intelligent Life Beyond Earth

"Is there intelligent life beyond Earth?" is a question that mankind has been asking for eternity.

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