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Many of our Speakers Night lectures have been recorded and put on DVD, so if you missed a lecture you can borrow the DVD and watch it at home.

A sign-out sheet will be at the meetings. Because the DVDs are here in Toronto and demand will be high, you can only borrow a DVD for 2 weeks, until the next meeting, and you may only sign out one DVD at a time.

We ask each lecturer if we can record the lecture for the benefit of members and for our records. Many of the presenters have graciously said yes, and so these DVD recordings are intended for personal use ONLY, and you are NOT allowed to copy the DVDs.

The lectures cover a wide variety of topics, some of which are:

  • exoplanets
  • eclipses
  • dark matter
  • astrobiology
  • black holes
  • and more!

Check the library catalogue below for titles.

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