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Speaker's Night: The Evolutionary Map of the Universe

Photo Credit: Macquarie University

Speaker: Prof. Andrew Hopkins, Professor of Astronomy, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Macquarie University, Australia

Abstract: EMU, the Evolutionary Map of the Universe, is an ongoing project to map the southern hemisphere with the ASKAP radio telescope.

EMU will be the touchstone radio continuum survey in the south for the foreseeable future, delivering the best radio atlas of the sky. 

By producing this amazing resource, EMU supports a vast range of science spanning almost all aspects of astrophysics and cosmology.

EMU will measure details of star formation and evolution in our own Galaxy, allow us to explore galaxy evolution and the links between star formation and supermassive black holes, through to understanding the deepest mysteries of the Universe in the form of dark energy and dark matter.

I will summarize the scientific goals of EMU, the current status of the survey, and highlight a selection of exciting recent discoveries.

Who can attend: Everyone

Fee: Free

Registration: Not required

Organized by: RASC, Toronto Centre and York University