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The Insider's Guide to the Galaxy

RASC National Society Videos: The Insider's Guide to the Galaxy

Submitted by on 11 October 2022

Join us online to learn basic astronomy that you can do on your own from your backyard!

We'll give you the tools to learn astronomy on your own at home, along with some observing goals to try. All you need is your computer! A pair of binoculars will help, but are not necessary. Sessions are always on Tuesdays at 3:30pm EDT, but frequency of sessions changes. 

Register here! Videos will also be livestreamed to The RASC YouTube Channel.

All About Stellarium!
In this inaugural session, Chris and Jenna go over how to download and use Stellarium, an open-source, free to use software that runs on all platforms. Check out the links below!

Introductory Observing
In this episode we go over all the answers from the first Scavenger Hunt! We also delve into a few observational targets, including Venus in the Pleiades (April 3rd in the evening), and the Orion Nebula.

We also found out that everyone's favourite constellation is Orion! Tell us what yours is in the comments!

2020's Last Supermoon
We've had a rebranding! This show was previously called Homebound Astronomy.

Demystifying the Stars

Introductory Astrophotography
RASC NB member Paul Owen joins us to discuss some tools you can use to get your start in astrophotography!

Introductory Photoshop

Galaxy Season
This week we were talking all about galaxies! Find out about our Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy, the structure of other galaxies out there, and a few observing tips on how to find some!

Messier and NGC Catalog

Apps and Tools

Double Stars and Binocular Targets

Beginner Telescopes

Intermediate Astrophotography Part 1

Intermediate Astrophotography Part 2

Science Fiction in the Stars

The Summer Milky Way
Check out the best of what the summer Milky Way has to offer!

Constellation Deep Dive
This week we're talking about how to spot some upcoming events like ISS passes and the Perseids Meteor Shower, and then diving into some summertime constellations with lore, history and cool deep space objects to find within them!

A Virtual Tour of the Southern Hemisphere
Come check out Australia's skies with us! We dive into different constellations and objects that only those in the southern part of the world can see.

Summer/Fall Planets

Stargazing for Beginners and the Best Sights for Autumn

How to Get the Most Out of Your Telescope

Mars Fest 2020

Guinness Out of This World Records!

All About Meteor Showers and Meteorites



The Science Behind Astrology

Time Travel

Looking up into our night sky takes us on a journey through time as the light from distant objects finally reaches us after years of travelling through space. Find out the closest and furthest objects from us as we step outside and travel through time - with your unaided eyes, and in binoculars and telescopes, and learn how we measure distances across the Universe.

Observing the Moon

Anyone anywhere on Earth can see the Moon, even if you live in the biggest of cities! It’s our closest and most easily observed celestial neighbour. Join us to learn a little bit more about how to observe Earth’s only natural satellite, and where to look for extinct volcanoes, scars of recent impacts, whimsical shapes, colourful patches, and more.

Messier Marathon

Astronomy and Religions Around the World

Aurora Borealis

Today we're joined by Alan Dyer, author, educator, astrophotographer and RASC member!

Library Edition

Spotting Satellites

Galaxies in Plain Sight

Solar viewing!

Summer Astronomy Round-Up

Gas Giants

Space and Astronomy Books

Life Cycle of Stars

Astronomy at Other Wavelengths

Binocular Astronomy and Halloween Targets!

Lunar Geology

Holiday Wish-List

2022 Astronomy Events

RASC Observing Programs

All about Nebulas

Lessons From The Earth and Beyond Part 1

Lessons From The Earth and Beyond Part 2

Live from the David Dunlap Observatory

Touring the Virgo Cluster and Messier Marathon Season 2022

Travelling the Sea of Serenity

Deep Dive into Leo

Doing More With Stellarium

Planning Your Observing Session

Globular Clusters

Canadians in the Stars

Bright Planets Preview

Variable Stars Part I

Variable Stars Part II

Delphinus Deep Dive