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Our New Education Chair has a Message for You

Submitted by on 7 January 2024


My name’s Aly Kamadia, and I am the new Education and Outreach Chair for RASC, Toronto Centre (Canada’s biggest!). 

RASC is among the largest organizations in the world, in my opinion, by virtue of what all of us here love: the Universe. 

Marveling and gaining a deeper appreciation for the world beyond ours is a unique tradition – one that our species has been enjoying since we began running around this planet.

As the new Education Chair, my central role is to promote and deliver astronomy to both our members and the general public. 

Whether it’s inspirational talks grappling with mysteries that give scientists headaches, learning how to see Saturn’s rings for the first time with your telescope, hopping around a park and looking through various telescopes set up by our great volunteers, or much more, I am here to ensure we are continuously serving you. 

That commitment stands whether you’ve been enjoying astronomy for decades, or only recently discovered that there seem to be at least a few shiny objects in the sky.

In that spirit, my message is that my door is always open, and I welcome connecting with you. 

Whether you might be interested in the exciting experiences and volunteering opportunities available within education, have questions or suggestions about our activities, or simply want to say hi, there’s no reason to ever be shy. 

Look forward to hearing from you! – Aly Kamadia