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Congratulations! Member Awards Recipients 2022

Submitted by a.cosmic.strin… on 27 December 2023

Member Awards Recipients 2022

Charline Norgrove Awards: Phil Chow, David Brodie, Sam Bosnick
Andrew Elvins Award; Arushi Nath

Bertram J Topham Award: Charles Yung and Alex Arjomand 
Ray Thompson Award - Shraddha Pai

H.A. Winearls Award ( President's Selection) - Adrian Aberdeen


Award Recipients Details:

Charline Norgrove Award

As Membership Secretary, Phil Chow is one of the first people to welcome new members to the RASC Toronto Centre. He also helps to troubleshoot problems with the RASC online membership system and handles questions about membership. For many years, Phil has also been an enthusiastic volunteer at the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory, helping to administer keysets, season passes and locker and MODL leases, participating in work parties and serving as a weekend supervisor. He also served a term as Director of the CAO. The Charlene Norgrove Award is presented as a recognition of Phil’s many contributions to the Toronto Centre.


Since joining the RASC Toronto Centre. David Brodie has been a great supporter of the E.C. Carr Astronomical Observatory. During the pandemic shutdown, he helped to carry out the monthly winter property inspections and liaise with the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Association activities. As the CAO reopened, he has driven his tractor from his home in Markdale to the CAO to work on the parking lot and other projects that require heavy equipment, a trip that takes 2 hours each way.  David has made valuable and skilled contributions to the CAO Committee and at work parties where he has cheerfully mentored other members. The Charlene Norgrove Award is presented to David in recognition of his contributions to the Toronto Centre.


Sam Bosnick is an original member of the Durham outreach group of the Education Committee of the RASC Toronto Centre. He has been an enthusiastic participant in the Millenium Square Public Stargazing program since its inception, treating the public to views of celestial objects with his telescope. Now in his 80s and with another season of Millennium Square events concluded, Sam has announced his retirement from outreach activities. The Charlene Norgrove Award is presented to Sam in appreciation of his contributions to astronomical outreach.

Andrew Elvins Award

Since she was in Grade 1, Arushi Nath has been an enthusiastic student of science and technology, working on citizen science projects in astronomy with her family. She began making presentations of that work in 2018. Now in Grade 8, Arushi has become well known for her study of the DART mission and its significance for planetary defense from asteroid collisions. She regularly presents at science fairs at home and abroad, and mentions that she got her start as a member of the Toronto Centre. The RASC Toronto Centre presents the Andrew Elvins Award to Aurshi in recognition of her achievements in citizen science and promotion of the RASC Toronto Centre. 

Bertram J Topham Award

Charles Yung and Alex Arjomand first began exploring a revival of the Annual Algonquin Adventure to encourage group observing activities and a sense of community among members of the RASC Toronto Centre. Their hard work paid off with successful events held in 2021 and 2022. The friendships that arose out of postings to the Toronto Centre email forum were solidified by the face-to-face gatherings at Mew Lake campground. The Bertram J. Topham Award is presented to Charles and Alex in recognition of their contributions to observing activities in the Toronto Centre. 

Ray Thompson Award

Since joining the RASC Toronto Centre in 2021, Shraddha Pai has enthusiastically explored astro-imaging both at home and abroad. She posts regularly as spaiglass to the Toronto Centre forum, describing her trials and triumphs as she develops her knowledge and skills in the art and science of image acquisition and processing. She also supports other members’ imaging activities by commenting positively on their results and providing helpful suggestions. Shraddha Pai is a worthy recipient of the Ray Thompson Award.

H.A. Winearls Award –( President's Selection)

At the end of 2019, Adrian Aberdeen joined the RASC Toronto Centre Executive as our new treasurer. Three and a half months later COVID lockdowns began, resulting in the Toronto Centre losing most revenue sources for two fiscal years. Getting through this incredibly difficult time without the centre going bankrupt is a testimony to Adrian's skills as treasurer. What is not generally known is that during this time Adrian was going through large personal hardships, and yet he stayed on, only retiring this year.

The RASC Toronto Centre presents the H.A. Winearls Award to Adrian in recognition of his work as Treasurer during the pandemic

Jesse Ketchum Award - No recipient