Video: DDO Astronomy Night - June 6, 2020

Astronomy Night at the DDO

Tonight's program has been postponed until August. Instead, we have devoted this time to provide space for and to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and other minority groups in science and astronomy. We've prepared a short video examining diversity in astronomy and how to support astronomers from these communities.

Links from the video

What can all astronomers do to help support Black people in astronomy?

Donate to Black justice organizations, like:

Donate to initiatives to encourage Black students in STEM, like:

Learn about Black astronomers and their work:

Search for the hashtag: #BlackinAstro

Planetary scientist Ashley L. Walker: @That_Astro_Chic

Astrophysicist Isabel J. Rodriguez: @astrophisacist

Astrobiologist Dr. Kennda Lynch: @marsgirl42

Planetary scientist Caprice Phillips: @CapricePhillips

Astrophysicist Katrina Miller: @__katrinarenee

Astrochemist Ayanna Jones: @onlyayanna_

Astrophysicist Lauren Chambers: @lauren_marietta

Astronomer John Lewis III: @astrojthe3

Astronomer/Astrophysicist Theron Carmichael: @Therbaer

Astrobiologist Chanyce Swanson: @spaceybiologist

Astronomer Qiana Hunt: @QosmicQi

Astrophysicist Osase Omoruyi: @astroafro

Astrophysicist Arianna Long: @astroarianna

Astronomer Sinclaire Manning: @smanning206

Astrophysicist Moiya McTier: @GoAstroMo

Astrophysicist Angelina Gallego: @AngelinaGa2019

Astrophysicist Michael Bueno: @mbueno1996

Astrophysicist David Zegeye: @DavidZegeye

Astrophysicist India Jackson: @astro_beauty

Astrophysicist Diana Powell: @DianaPowell8

Astrophysicist Miona Short: @BlkGrlUniverse

Astronomer Brianna Thomas: @imverybri

Astrophysicist Carl E. Fields: @carlnotsagan

Planetary Scientist L. Miché Aaron: @Astrenome

Astrophysicist Eileen Gonzales: @EGonzales788

Astrophysicist Sydney Duncan: @Syd_Duncan

Astrophysicist Vincent Heck: @HeckPhilly

Astrophysicist Louis Keyamo Johnson: @7Keyammo

Physicists: @BlackPhysicists

Physicists and Astrophysicists: African American Women in Physics

Physicists and Astrophysicists: National Society of Black Physicists

Learn about equity advocacy in astronomy: Brian Nord

Read Dr. Nord’s open letter about the realities of being Black in STEM:

Review the resources included in "Unheard Voices, Part 1: The Astronomy of Many Cultures"

Pick up a "Native Skywatchers Planisphere" from the RASC: