TPL Culture: Sara Seager: The Smallest Lights in the Universe (ONLINE)

Sara Seager
Monday, November 2, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

In her beautiful and haunting memoir, The Smallest Lights in the Universe, MIT astrophysicist and planetary scientist, Sara Seager, chronicles the process of rediscovering a new future after a devastating tragedy. Starting as a young girl in Toronto where fascination with the stars and big questions are chronicled, Seager traces her love of astronomy from U of T to Harvard and eventually to MIT where she excels as Professor of Planetary Science and Physics, and one of the school’s most influential researchers. When her husband dies unexpectedly, she finds solace by simultaneously looking inward and through the shared solace and connection to a group of women all dealing with loss. And yet through this examination, she continues to stubbornly look outward into the cosmos as she redefines her future as a scientist and, suddenly, a single mother.

Sara Seager talks with Dunlap Institute Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysicist, Renée Hlozek.

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Sara Seager
Renée Hlozek

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