Speaker's Night and Annual Meeting: The Geography That Guides Us: An Indigenous Perspective on our Relationship to the Stars (ONLINE)

William Morin
Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Speaker: William Morin, BFA, BA (Indigenous Studies), B.Ed, M.A., PhD (ABD)
As history of the "western world" and a reflection of the North American education system, what we have been taught as a standard of knowledge has been biased, an imposition of a European sight, done in colonial ways. When we look to the sky we cannot assume that we all see the same thing. The lens of culture, perspective of tradition and the insight of spirituality is shaped by the connection to the land. An Anishinaabe tradition and protocol, when entering into another's territory, is bring gifts, offerings. This is equalled by accepting the host's traditions, over ours, taking their lead with humility. To understand the what and how others see in that location on the land, you need to stand where they stand, see what they see, and how they see when you look up. When the geography changes, so does the how and the what. We cannot impose how and what we see onto another geography. To do so is a sign of our lack of sight, exposing our insecurities. The Stories in the Stars for Indigenous cultures are not myths, but our history on the Earth and our connections to the creation of the universe, and our place as humans in it.

Following the talk we will convene our members Annual Meeting (using Zoom).

Who can attend:
• Talk: Everyone
• Annual Meeting: Members Only
• Talk: Not required
• Annual Meeting: Required via Zoom
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RASC, Toronto Centre