RASC 150 Years: National Star Party

RASC 150 logo
Saturday, January 27, 2018 -
2:00pm to 7:00pm

The celebration of the RASC's sesquicentennial will begin on January 27, 2018 with a cross-country star party that will combine solar and lunar observing, local Centre exhibits and displays, as well as many other festive events. It will start on the Atlantic coast and reach westwards (and of course northwards) to encompass many of our Centres. We invite everyone from all corners of Canada to join us for this opening event.

Starting at 3:00pm in Atlantic Canada, and then as each Canadian time zone reaches 3:00pm local time, RASC Centres will join the Internet gathering. We will link and showcase the activities of each Centre’s Star Party via Google Hangouts, allowing anyone in Canada to witness the Sun, Moon, and the local celebrations.

Towards 5:00pm EST we will provide 3 minutes of time per Centre starting on the Atlantic coast and again working westwards to send greetings across the country to all astronomy enthusiasts. We will intersperse these messages with pre-recorded messages from prominent figures in the astronomical world.

By 6:00pm EST all Centres who wish to join the Star Party will be active and online. At 6:15pm EST the President of the RASC will deliver greetings and officially announce the commencement of the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the RASC. The cross country link-up will conclude at 8:00pm EST.