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Perseid Meteor Shower (SOLD OUT - WAITLIST ONLY)

ActiveDays is teaming up with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. This year, the Perseids are shaping up to be special, as it is predicted to be a particularly bright year for the meteor shower. Each year, as the earth passes through the tail of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, the Perseids occur. We are leaving the city limits and driving to a dark, flat space an hour from the city to watch this majestic event.

The evening will begin with the RASC explaining meteor showers and how to best see them. As night falls the tapestry of hundreds of stars will fill the sky, revealing the summer constellations and the milky way. The RASC will give us a tour of the sky. We will also set up a telescope to get a close up look of planets and beyond. Come, bring a blanket and/or mat, lay down, and watch some shooting stars with us.

***This event is weather dependant — we need clear skies. If the weather does not cooperate we will cancel the event the day before and issue everyone a full refund.


To us, facilitating this event is about creating an environment that you can engage with in your own way. This is your experience and everyone has their own relationship with the outdoors. There will be a tour of the summer constellations and the milky way. With the telescope we will be able to see the rings of Saturn and the cloud bands on Jupiter and travel beyond our solar system. There is plenty of time to sit back, relax and look at the stars yourself.

We’ll be setting up in a parking lot of Glen Major Forest — it’s one of the darker, flattest places near the city that we can find. Bring a blanket, pillow and whatever else you need to be comfortable.

ActiveDays is a community. This is an inclusive space to meet new people, share stories and have fun! To us, there is no better place to get to know someone than the outdoors. We all share a desire to get out, explore and stretch our legs.

What To Bring:
— Comfortable, warm clothing
— Sleeping mat, yoga mat, and/or a blanket to lie down on. Make sure you’re comfy
— Headlamp (having the redlight feature is ideal so we allow our eyes to adjust to the dark)
— Water
— Snacks (nut free please!)
— Camera (no flash please)
— Whatever else you need to have fun and be comfy :)

Who can attend: Everyone
Fee: Adults: $49; Students/Seniors: $44; Children: $25
Registration: This event has sold out, please sign up for the waitlist
Organized by: ActiveDays and RASC - Toronto Centre
Pick Up Location: 30 Carlton Street, Toronto (The pick up location is in front of Holiday Inn/Starbucks, on the north side of Carlton Street. TTC College Subway station is located less than 100m away.)