Perimeter & McDonald Institutes: DARK MATTER NIGHT: An Enlightening Evening of Dark Matter (In-person and ONLINE)

Dark Matter Night
Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Take a guided tour of the invisible universe on Dark Matter Night.

In a hybrid event (in-person and live webcast) on October 26, dark matter researchers Katie Mack and Ken Clark will share insights into the ubiquitous, mysterious matter that makes up the majority of stuff in our universe.

Dark Matter Night will be webcast live from two locations. Starting at 7:30pm ET, Mack will discuss the theoretical and observational foundations of dark matter at Perimeter Institute, where she holds the Hawking Chair in Cosmology and Science Communication. Clark, an associate professor at the Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute, will then share experimental approaches that could help solve the riddle of dark matter.

Each speaker’s presentation will be simulcast to the live audience at the other institute, and the whole event will be available via free webcast.

Free tickets to attend this event in person will become available on Monday, October 17 at 9:00am ET – at either Perimeter Institute or the McDonald Institute. This will be a masked event. Masks will be provided at the door.

Dark Matter Night is one of many ways you can explore the topic — find lots more at You can also sign up for updates about future events and subscribe to Perimeter’s YouTube channel for more fascinating science videos.

Pre-Lecture Activities
Doors open at 6:45pm for the following pre-lecture activities. Tickets are not required to participate.

• Ask a Scientist!
   Perimeter scientists will be on hand to answer physics questions from 6:45-7:25pm.

• Black Hole Bistro
   The Black Hole Bistro will not be open. 

Waiting Line
On the night of the lecture, there will be a waiting line at Perimeter for last minute cancelled tickets. Come to Perimeter after 6:45pm and pick up a waiting line chit from the ticket table. While you wait, participate in pre-lecture activities. An announcement will be made in the Atrium at 7:20pm if theatre seats are available. Note: You must arrive in person to be part of the waiting line, and be in the Atrium when the announcement is made.

No Disappointments
Everyone who comes to Perimeter will be able to enjoy this lecture. If you do not manage to obtain a theatre ticket, you can join our waiting line and watch live from the quiet of the Time Room.

Live Webcast
All of our lectures are streamed live. You can watch the live stream of this lecture here, or watch the recordings at your leisure on our YouTube Channel.

Who can attend: Everyone
Fee: Attendance to the lecture is free, but tickets are required. Our lectures consistently sell out. As a courtesy to those on our waiting list, your ticket will be honoured until 7:20pm only. If you have not arrived by 7:20pm your reservation will be filled by another guest, and you will be asked to join the end of the waiting line. Please, if you are feeling unwell, help keep our community healthy by watching the live webcast at home rather than us joining in person. If you need to cancel your tickets, please go to CANCEL FREE TICKETS
Tickets: Available online October 17 at 9:00am
Organized by: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute at Queen's University
Location: Perimeter Institute, Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas, 31 Caroline St. N., Waterloo, ON