Pape/Danforth Library: The Birth, Life, and Bizarre Death of Stars

John Percy
Dr. John Percy, Professor Emeritus, Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 -
6:30pm to 8:00pm

We owe our existence to the sun and stars. The atoms in our body are created by stars. The sun's energy makes life possible. When the sun and stars "burn out," they produce bizarre remnants called white dwarfs, neutron stars, and black holes.

In this profusely illustrated, non-technical presentation, you will learn about some of the strangest, most extreme objects in the universe.

Who can attend: Everyone
Fee: Free
Registration: Not required
Organized by: Toronto Public Library
Location: Pape/Danforth Program Room, 701 Pape Avenue, Toronto, ON  M4K 3S6