Ontario Science Centre: Astronaut


May 19, 2019 - September 2, 2019

Calling all aspiring astronauts - your mission starts now with this special exhibition.

• What does it feel like to blast off into space?
• Could you put a lander safely down on another planet?
• What does it feel like to be a space explorer?

Discover what it’s like to live like an astronaut, including how to sleep, eat, shower and use the toilet in space! Tackle challenges in the astronaut training center, experience a rocket launch, investigate life on the Space Lab and learn how to do science in space.

Through hands-on and full-body displays, this revealing science exhibition investigates the reality of what it takes to be a space explorer. Astronaut relays the physical and psychological effects of living in microgravity on the human body and the technology used to complete a mission.

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to live like an astronaut, you'll be surprised and captivated by this absorbing and immersive experience into the importance of science in space and the future of space exploration.

Special Exhibition Hall
Level 6

Created by SciTech in Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions.