Joint Toronto Centre - Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Association Hike & Observing

Meteors - Adrian Pelletier, 2016. Free Nature Stock.
Photo credit: Adrian Pelletier, 2016. Free Nature Stock.
Saturday, August 18, 2018 -
1:00pm to 11:00pm

CAO is holding a joint fundraising event for our members and members of the Beaver Valley Bruce Trail Volunteers. These are the people who tend the trail near CAO and have visited us for an astronomy night last year. As a means of fundraising, we are presenting a day on the trails followed by a night under the stars. RASC members will be offered one of two guided hikes, a short one and a long one, at a trail near to the CAO but not the “normal” Margaret Paull side trail that we frequent. This will be followed by a pot-luck dinner similar to our Open House events where you bring your entrée to be cooked on the BBQ and also provide a snack, salad, dessert of your choice. In the evening, we will offer an intro to astronomy talk mainly for BVBTV persons but RASCals can fill any available seats in the great room if they wish.

Note that we also need a few people to volunteer to show the night sky to the people of BVBTV’s group. If you can offer up a couple of hours that would be great. CAO has several loaner telescopes if you dont have one of your own… C11, Meade 8, SKywatcher 8 dob, Televue Genesis 4".

Event date: August 18th (1st quarter moon)

Rain date: September 15th (1st quarter moon)

Afternoon guided hike by the BVBTA in the area around our observatory
Joint pot luck dinner
Evening astronomy program – presentation in the Great Room, sky tour and observing from the GBO

Participant fee: $15 per person for both BVBTA and RASC-TC participants, with the proceeds split 50/50 between the BVBTA and RASC-TC

Please book into the normal CAO bookings web page and indicate that you are attending the BVBTV/RASC-TC astro-hike in the comments section. Normal CAO fees are waived for Saturday night in lieu of $15 participation fee. Fee will be collected at CAO on the event date.