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Once a month, Toronto Centre members host a City Star party at High Park. The park affords observers great views of the moon, planets and other bright objects. It's a great place to peek through other people's scopes and share views of various sights. Check the homepage and events list for the next City Star Party.

We usually set up near the second parking lot on the left side of West Rd. within sight of the tennis courts and swimming pool and immediately north of the soccer (football) pitches and baseball diamonds.If taking the TTC, take the subway to the High Park station. If you take the "main" exit, this will allow you to emerge on High Park Avenue to the east or Quebec Ave to the west. High Park also has an exit at the extreme west end of the platform which puts you out on the little street Parkview Gardens. From the subway, head south!
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High Park is located on Bloor St. West, just west of Keele St. or Parkside Dr.
43° 38' 59" N
79° 28' 01" W
There is plenty of parking, though if you are arriving after dark, be sure to approach slowly and with your lights off so as to preserve the night-adapted vision of people already arrived.