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Hamilton Amateur Astronomers: View the 2017 Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse 2014, Image Credit: John Gauvreau

On Monday August 21, 2017 a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Hamilton and surrounding areas. This is a wonderful opportunity to see a rare and spectacular natural event. The eclipse will last over 2½ hours, changing in appearance throughout that time, with the greatest amount of the Sun being eclipsed at 2:31 pm. At that time about 76% of the Sun will be blocked.

The Event
The Moon will pass in front of the Sun from our perspective. When this happens it is called a solar eclipse. the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun but it is also 400 times closer, so they appear about the same size in the sky.

The Sun will first appear to have a small “bite” taken out of its right hand side a little after 1:09pm. This blocked part of the Sun will appear to grow as the Moon covers more and more of the Sun, until finally at 2:31pm it will appear like the illustration. From then until the eclipse ends the blocked portion of the Sun will shrink as the Sun regains its normal appearance, ending with the last silhouetted part of the Moon disappearing from he left and side of the Sun at 3:39pm.

The Hamilton Amateur Astronomers will be at T.B. McQuestion Park between 12:00 – 4:00pm for the whole event. The eclipse itself will occur at the following times:
• Begins: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 1:09pm
• Maximum: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 2:31pm
• Ends: Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 3:49pm
• Duration: 2 hours, 40 minutes
When to view

Solar Viewing Glasses
Solar eclipse glasses available at this event but please note that glasses are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important Safety Note
Looking directly at the sun can cause permanent eye damage or blindness. Extreme caution must always be taken. Always use adequate eye protection such as eclipse glasses designed for such a purpose. Do not use homemade filters such as exposed photographic film, smoked glass or welding goggles. With commonly available eclipse glasses this spectacular event can be viewed safely and enjoyed by the whole family.

Further Details
Sky and Telescope: Viewing Guide & Resources
LA Times: What it Will Look Like from Your Location
Sky and Telescope: How to Safely View the Eclipse
Solar Filter & Viewer Vendors (The HAA does not endorse any vendor on this list)

Food Share Donations
Donations of non-perishable food for the Hamilton Food Share program will be collected at this event. All donations are gratefully accepted and thanks to your generosity we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food since we began. Let’s keep up the great work as the need continues.

Who can attend: Everyone
Fee: Free
Reservations: Not required
Organized by: Hamilton Amateur Astronomers
Location: T.B. McQuesten Community Park, 1199 Upper Wentworth St., Hamilton, ON  L8W 2Y7