Done your RASC certificate?

RASC Observer

Have you recently completed a RASC observing certificate programme?

The RASC national observing committee learned from the chair Dave Chapman that while 2018 has been a great year for RASC members earning observing certificates, we are 5 short of it being the best year since 2007. It got us thinking that maybe there are a few Toronto Centre members that ticked the last checkbox this summer but didn't get around to submitting their application.

We are referring to any of the RASC certificate programmes:

  • Explore the Universe (ETU) *
  • Explore the Moon
  • Messier Objects
  • Finest NGC Objects
  • Isabel Williamson Lunar Observing Program
  • Deep-Sky Challenger
  • Deep Sky Gem

RASC offers seven observing programmes for members to promote active observing, based on a selection of lists published in the RASC Observer's Handbook. By successfully completing a programme, a member may apply to the RASC for an official certificate. Observing programmes are a great way to challenge yourself, learn more about the night sky, and get the most out of our challenging and rewarding hobby. Some programmes also provide an attractive metallic pin.

See for more information.

So if you have in fact recently viewed all your objectives for your observing certificate list and would like to help us out, please considering applying immediately! Tidy up your notes and annotate those sketches! We will happily receive your log notes or log book. If you can provide this in electronic form, or if you keep your notes online, we can easily speed the process and complete the review and validation before the close of 2018.

It would be apropos during our 150th year if we could say we had our best year for certificates in over a decade!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. Or send us your applications! Hurry. Hurry hard!

* Note the ETU certificate is available to all, whether an RASC member or not.

Submitted by RASC volunteer Blake Nancarrow (astronomy AT