DDO: Beyond the Skies (SOLD OUT)

DDO - Beyond the Skies
Saturday, November 10, 2018 -
7:00pm to 10:00pm

Enjoy a social evening of astronomy and music at the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO)!

Featuring LIVE MUSIC BY THE CALDERONS, and the astronomy-themed "WATER WORLDS" TALK BY DR. BHAIRAVI SHANKAR in the DDO Administration Building.

Take a tour of the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) and stargaze through telescopes (weather dependent) with members of RASC-TC. There will be a merchandise table (cash only) and a photographer on site.

Cash bar 19+ and refreshments (cash only)


The Calderons will be performing astronomy-inspired music and international jazz songs throughout the evening. The Calderons band members are Nancy Calderon (Voice), Christopher Platt (Guitar), Derek Gray (Drums), and Chris Brinton (Double Bass).

Nancy Calderon is an accomplished singer with more than five years of experience in the industry. Born in Chile with Italian, Spanish, and Indigenous roots, Nancy brings to life her diverse cultural heritage in her performances. Nancy brings to the stage a variety of styles including Jazz, Pop and Bossa Nova and uses her music to communicate a message of multiculturalism and positivity, taking the audience on a journey around the world through her songs.

Nancy also supports a variety of outreach activities, particularly astronomy programs with RASC TC and environmental causes. She also loves learning new languages and experiencing new cultures, a passion which she brings to the stage through the use of French, Italian, and Spanish musical styles.

Nancy has performed at a wide variety of international venues, including the Latin Ontario Arts Festival, the famed El Club de Jazz de Santiago, the Ritz Carlton in Toronto and the UK, the French and Italian Embassies, and for Nuit Blanche at the Ontario Science Centre.

www.thecalderons.co | www.twitter.com/thecalderons | www.instagram.com/thecalderons


"Water Worlds": A Journey Through Our Solar System - The past decade of missions through our solar system have resulted in a trove of data collected and reviewed. The extent of water on a planet is no longer limited to Earth. Join us on this journey as we explore where water has been discovered, and where to look next!

Dr. Bhairavi Shankar is a Planetary Scientist. She works with space mission data to understand the geological processes on solid planetary bodies. As the founder of BeSpatial Consulting, she develops teaching materials to engage students and educators in the field of Planetary Science, Astronomy, Geology and Geography. She enjoys promoting space science and the role of women in STEM at various public events. Together with fellow scientists in the Greater Toronto Area she is the co-founder of the Women of Colour in STEAMM, a non-profit organization.

https://www.bhairavishankar.com | https://twitter.com/b_muscateer | https://www.instagram.com/planscib/

For info about the David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) visit https://www.richmondhill.ca/DDO

We apologize that this event is not at an accessible venue. Please read the following accessibility statement from the Town of Richmond Hill:

Please Note: As the Observatory and Administration Buildings are historic buildings, they do not meet existing accessibility standards. Access to both buildings is only by stairs. Washrooms and program rooms are located in the basement and on the second floor of the Administration Building and are accessible only by stairs. Both the Administration Building and the Observatory do not have elevators.

Who can attend: Ages 19+
Fee: $40.00
Tickets: https://beyondtheskies.brownpapertickets.com/
Organized by: RASC - Toronto Centre, BeSpatial Consulting and The Calderons
Location: David Dunlap Observatory (DDO)