2018-2019 Council Proposed Slate

RASC Colour Seal

In preparation for the Annual Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, 12 December, this year’s Council is pleased to propose the following slate of candidates for the RASC Toronto Centre Council for the fiscal year 2018-2019.


  • Honorary President (1-year term) Dr. Roberto Abraham*
  •  1st Past President (1st of 2-year term) Tony Horvatin
  • President (1st of 2-year term) Dr. B. Ralph Chou*
  • 1st Vice-President (1st of 2-year term) Ian Wheelband*
  • 2nd Vice-President (2nd of 2-year term) Paul Delaney
  • Treasurer (3rd of 3-year term) Scott Masterton
  • Secretary (1st of 3-year term) Tom Luton*
  • Recorder (2nd of 3-year term) Marc Teitelbaum


  • Honorary Councillors: Dietmar Kupke, Robert May (1-year term)
  • Retiring 2019: Adrian Aberdeen*, John Ginder*, Ed Treijs
  • Retiring 2020: John Bohdanowicz, Tanya Oleksuik, Diana Salerno*
  • Retiring 2021:, Bhairavi Shankar*, Kirsten Vanstone*, Laila Zichmanis*

  • 1st Past President (1st of 2-year term) Tony Horvatin
  • 2nd Past President (1st of 2-year term) Charles Darrow

Note that National Advisory Council Representatives: [vacant x2] are appointed positions by the Council and do not appear on the slate. These can be appointed within the new Council year. The committee is seeking members who are interested in serving in this capacity.

Candidates with an asterisk indicate that they are standing for election at the coming Annual Meeting. If no further nominations come forward, these candidates will be acclaimed in their positions. All others are continuing on.