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Asteroid (433) Eros as imaged by the robotic spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker in 2001.

Sometimes objects like the moon, planets or asteroids move in front of a star. An observer in the right location can see the star disappear or dim for a few seconds then brighten again.

On Wednesday, August 5, Chris Vaughan presented the astronomical highlights for the next month. Highlights include the Perseid Meteor Shower and an asteroidal occultation observable in the GTA.

Pluto and Charon

The New Horizons spacecraft passed Pluto on July 14. It will not send much information to Earth right away because all the instruments and the high gain antenna dish are fixed to the spacecraft.


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Imaged from Grafton, Ontario, on June 21 and June 23 2015 by Lynn Hilborn.

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Member Ian Wheelband on June 21, "I did some imaging from our Carr Astronomical Observatory (CAO) near Collingwood earlier this week, using my telescope.

Certificate Program: Teaching Astronomy Through Fun Hands-on Activities Inspired by the Latest Discoveries

For the first time, the David Dunlap Observatory will be offering science/arts day camps this summer. We're partnering with the wonderful people at Logics Academy and The Director's Cut to offer kids an amazing experience.

Although conditions were not good at the Carr Astronomical Observatory on Saturday June 13, member Steven Fanutti captured this image of Deneb with part of the Milky Way and a hint of the North American Nebula.  


The Helix Summer Science Institute is an enrichment program designed for Grade 9 to 12 students who are genuinely excited about science and mathematics.

On Wednesday, June 3, 2015, Chris Vaughan presented The Sky This Month covering the period from June 3 to July 8, 2015. The attached PDF document contains detailed notes and additional information. There's lots to see!