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Ever seen Pluto?

Here's an animation of Pluto taken in July by Paul Mortfield, from Sierra Remote Observatories, CA, USA.  Click on the image to see this dwarf planet move.

The North star, Polaris, shines brightly in the left frame of this image, swimming in a murky pool of dust.  In the right side of the frame is globular cluster NGC 188.  Click on the image and enlarge.

Says photographer Lynn Hilborn;

An elephant, a bat and a squid walked into a bar... Here we have the newly discovered ( by an amateur astronomer) "squid", now known as OU4, a fragile blue OIII image enbedded in the red "bat" (Sh2-129) at the lower right.

A number of planets are visible this month including Mercury and Venus in the morning and Saturn after sunset. Asteroids Ceres and Vesta are moving apart but still fit in a binocular field.

On Monday, July 7th, the Moon visited Saturn, as seen in this image by Bill Longo.  Click on the image and enlarge to see more detail.

On Saturday, July 5th Manuel Guerrero took this image of the Moon near Mars. Click on the image and enlarge.

The annual CAO spring work party held on the weekend of the 23rd-25th of May 2014 was an amazing success.

Battery Icon

Some telescopes need electricity to work properly and that electricity is often supplied by batteries. To prevent having to end your observing prematurely because you ran out of juice, RASC member Peter D.

Mars and Moon July 2014

In the next few weeks, the moon can be seen close to all the bright planets. No telescope needed and visible in Toronto's night sky.  See the attached presentation below for many more upcoming celestial events. 

(Image courtesy Bill Longo)

It’s not very often that we get to experience a new meteor shower, but very early this coming Saturday morning we get that chance.