Video: Martian weather: Is it really any different than winter in Canada?

Is Martian weather any different than winter in Canada?
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Video of the Speaker's Night from May 10, 2017 featuring Casey Moore

It is commonly believed that Mars is a cold, dry place. Due in large part to orbital imagery and robotic exploration of the Martian surface we can say without a doubt that Mars is indeed dry. The temperature on Mars is a bit more complex. As is the case with Earth, Mars experiences seasons and one would likely prefer to vacation near the tropics during winter. Temperature swings are much larger on Mars than on Earth. So while it may reach 20°C at noon near the equator during the Martian summer, by midnight it might plummet to -60°C.

This talk explored topics vacationers to Mars will likely care about. Will it be raining? Will I need to pack sunscreen? Will I get to every item on my itinerary if a global dust storm occurs en route? Do I really need to bring my Canada Goose parka or will a windbreaker suffice?