RASC National Society: Creation Station

Creation Station

Are you curious about the universe? Do you spend your nights watching the Moon and the stars, dream about being an astronaut or finding alien life? We want you to let your imagination run wild!

To celebrate International Astronomy Day, the RASC (Royal Astronomical Society of Canada) invites kids ages 5-12 to share your short stories, drawings, poems and comics about Astronomy and Space. These wonderful creations will be shared on our website for all to enjoy.

Between May 15th-July 31st, submit your creation with your parents’ help and become the first contributors to Creation Station. Every child who participates will receive a certificate of participation, and a few chosen entries will be invited to share their creation at the RASC National General Assembly. Several stories will also be included in the Sept/Oct edition of SkyNews magazine to celebrate Science Literacy Week, and some kids may be invited to share their creation at their closest RASC Centre.

Visit https://rasc.ca/creationstation or email outreach+cs@rasc.ca for additional details.

Start writing/drawing/imagining… and we can’t wait to see what you dream up!