RASC Toronto Centre Council Elections 2017

Publish date: 
Friday, November 10, 2017

Elections for open positions of the RASC Toronto Centre Council will take place at the 2017 Annual Meeting (AM), as specified below. Members who are not able to attend this meeting in person may still cast their vote by way of a proxy (please see this proxy form for instructions). Please see the instructions below on all voting procedures. 

Nominations Committee Report

The duty of the committee is to prepare a suitable slate of candidates to serve on your Council for the coming year. In preparation for the Annual Meeting (AM) which will be held on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, your Council is pleased to propose the following slate of candidates for the RASC Toronto Centre Council for 2017-2018. Some of the members of Council listed are continuing in their existing terms while others may be starting new roles or terms. Four roles are up for election: Honorary President, 2nd Vice President, Recorder and Councillor. Please review the slate presented below and note those roles and names which appear in italics as these positions are open for election at the coming AM.


  • Honorary President (1-year term) Dr. Roberto Abraham
  • President (2nd of 2-year term) Dr. B. Ralph Chou
  • 1st Vice-President (2nd of 2-year term) Ian Wheelband
  • 2nd Vice-President (1st of 2-year term) Paul Delaney
  • Treasurer (2nd of 3-year term) Scott Masterton
  • Secretary (3rd of 3-year term) Tom Luton
  • Recorder (1st of 3-year term) Marc Teitelbaum


1st Past President (2nd of 2-year term) Tony Horvatin
2nd Past President (2nd of 2-year term) Charles Darrow

Members in good standing are invited to submit additional nominations for the following positions which are expiring at the AM: 
Honorary President, 2nd Vice President, Recorder and 5 Councillors 

All nominations must be signed by two members in good standing and include written confirmation by the nominee agreeing to stand for the office. 
All nominations must be received in writing on or before 11:59 pm EST November 14, 2017 either: 
by Canada Post at: 
Tom Luton 
2513 Danforth Ave, Apt 1 
Toronto ON M4C 1L1 

or by e-mail at: 
Tony Horvatin, Nominations Committee Chair (nominations@rascto.ca
Tom Luton, Secretary (secretary@rascto.ca