CIFAR: Untangling the Cosmos: How Research is Changing Our Understanding of the Universe

Untangling the Cosmos
Wednesday, May 17, 2017 -
9:00am to 4:30pm

“The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible.”
 — Albert Einstein

The nature of our universe is one of the great questions of our time. Today scientists are making progress in answering some of the biggest puzzles of our cosmos, such as: What is the origin of the universe and how did it evolve? How do its components, such as stars, black holes and galaxies, form and evolve? What are the laws that govern this evolution? This research has, in turn, revealed exciting new insights into fundamental physics and physical laws.

Join CIFAR and the Ontario Science Centre on May 17, 2017 for a symposium that will take you on a journey to unravel some of the greatest secrets of the universe. Moderated by Jay Ingram, the symposium features leading Canadian and international researchers in astronomy and cosmology. They will discuss major recent breakthroughs in understanding, and explore areas where research is pushing the boundaries to answer some of astronomy’s deepest questions. 

This event is an affiliate event of Innovation 150, celebrating ideas, ingenuity and innovation for Canada’s 150th year.

This event will also be live streamed. Register for the webcast here.

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Presentations by Fellows in CIFAR’s program in Cosmology & Gravity and other academic leaders in astronomy and cosmology.

Who can attend: Everyone
Fee: $25.00
Registration: Online
Organized by: Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
Location: Ontario Science Centre, Telus Conference Room