Biography Tanya Oleksuik

Tanya has been an RASC TC member since 2012, and has served on Council since 2016. She is the RASC TC Public Affairs Coordinator (interim), a member of the Public Education Committee (NOVA course coordination), a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, and a Public Outreach volunteer.  

Tanya brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications in Toronto‚Äôs arts community, corporate sector, and as a freelancer. She currently manages the strategic communications, marketing, promotions, social media, website, and outreach activities for East End Arts. She is passionate about community building, collaborating, and connecting people and ideas through the arts. 

On a journey of learning, sharing, and inspiring others to discover and explore the universe, Tanya is a promotor and advocate of citizen science projects, STEAM initiatives, public education, light pollution abatement, and making astronomy accessible to all. She enjoys observing the night sky from her Toronto balcony, and creates astro-inspired music and videos. She works on expanding her technology skills through coding, learning programming languages, and developing experimental projects using open data, and enjoys creating and participating in citizen science projects. Constantly learning and creating, she is inspired by the universe and the exploration of the arts to share stories, information, and experiences.

Tanya is interested in serving on RASC TC Council to help support and achieve its mission of stimulating interest, promoting, and increasing knowledge in astronomy and related sciences. She is committed to working with Council to provide members and the public with opportunities to learn, meaningful member experiences, and rewarding benefits of membership. She would like to offer her skills, experience, ideas, and enthusiasm to serve members in the best interests of the RASC TC.