2014 Annual Algonquin Adventure

2012 Annual Algonquin Star Party at Mew Lake in Algonquin park. Photo by Bill Longo, RASC Member
Thursday, September 18, 2014 to Sunday, September 21, 2014

This year marks our 17th Annual Algonquin Adventure Star Party which is held at Mew Lake Campground (inside Algonquin Park). For 17 years now, members and their families have come to Algonquin Park's Mew Lake Campground to enjoy the views from some of the darkest skies in southern Ontario. Our Annual Algonquin Adventure is the best chance to make friends, enjoy nature and observe through a myriad of different members' scopes and binoculars. Want to image? Want to observe visually? Want to just shoot the breeze under the milky way? 

You can reserve your campsite at www.ontarioparks.ca