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This is our third dashboard test page. We are uploading weather data from our on-site weather station. Data is being retrieved from Vantage Pro 2 station connected to the "Saranya 2" computer in the supervisor closet of the CAO. Image files for the current conditions, every 15 minutes, are being uploaded, via FTP protocol, to the RASC Toronto Centre web site. The historical files are uploaded once a day. Details of the hardware and software used are noted below.


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sensor images

current conditions


historical data


station status


hardware / software



This has been a test. Comments or suggestions? Submit to blaken AT computer-ease DOT com or CAOinfotech AT rascto DOT ca (morphed to frustrate spam bots). Periodically reload this page. Think about what you'd like to see... Otherwise, return to the main Toronto Centre site.

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